Thursday, February 28, 2013

Camped in the eastern part of the Marshes

I am totally stoked to have gotten back to the gym.
I feel like a new woman.

Sleep: 9
Cardio: Bike 30 minutes @ level 4 6.25 miles [186.25 total]
Weights: Deadlift 45# 2 sets of 10
Abs: 20 incline Russian Ab Twists with 7.5# dumbbell
Push-ups: 2 sets of 10
Pull-ups: 1 @ 25# assist, 1 @ 40# assist, 1 @ 55# assist
Water: 108 ounces
4 eggs with 2 slices of provolone, basil and black pepper
1 Can Progresso Italian Wedding Soup
Handful of carrots with balsamic dressing, 2 dill pickles
Plank 1:30, 1:14, 1:37
Life Goals:
  • Submitted a copy of my 2011 taxes to the mortgage company
    (paperwork! we hates it we does!)
  • Filed to have my name changed
    (Courthouses and Legal Stuff! It's like living in a Kafka novel!)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Round 3: Day 2

Planked for a minute in the work kitchen.
Last night I took my measurements and the upshot is that three weeks of lazing about with the flu and then enjoying cozy time erased my progress. That was a bit of an embarrassment and a serious wake-up call. It is time to head back to the gym. Or buy a jump rope. Or something.

Ninety minutes of dancing tonight should be a good start.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Begin Week 6

Yesterday I planked for over a minute in the work kitchen, drank all my water, had a smidge of alcohol with dinner, and a few cigarettes just after the 24 hour mark. Resetting the counter and trying again, because that is the rebel way.

I got 9 hours of sleep, albeit interrupted by a two a.m. tea party with the toddler. She is awesome, amazing, and has a passion for a profundity of pink.

On the life front, I received a prequalification letter from my mortgage agent, and have submitted an offer on a house. I will hear from the sellers no later than this time Thursday. HUZZAH!