Saturday, July 20, 2013

Salad and wine

Yesterday I did a bit of fasting: lots of water (2.5+L) throughout the day,  and then a wonderful chicken Caesar salad in the evening. I don't think that having a few glasses of wine helped the efforts, but there it is, and it was yummy and delightful.

Today I have continued with the water - nearly a litre so far.

I planked 1:30, and every time I do a plank I swear I feel taller.

Bike: 9.6 miles over 35 minutes [203.25 total]
Leg lifts: 20
Cross crunch:25
Crunches: 20
Jack knifes: 4
Push-ups: 10

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Road Resumed: Eastern Marshes

I got wickedly turned around in March and have spent the last several months regaining my footing and my location. That quest was a chapter or three in its own right, and for now we are just picking up from today.

Bike: 7.5 miles [193.75 total]
Water: 2000 ml
Plank: 1:06
Toe dips: 30
Leg lifts: 16

Maqui chocolate bar (totally yummy!)
1 cup tamari roasted pumpkin seeds