Monday, November 28, 2016

Heidi’s Yuletide 2016 Challenge

The Big Why

Attention to small things gives us real results in large things.
This is my Why, and the Tao is my Way.

Objectives: What I Want

  1. A peaceful mind. I value balance in all things, but especially in my heart and mind. Peace of mind vanquishes all.
  2. A healthy body.
  3. Happy family time.
  4. A clean and orderly home.

Activities: What I’m Willing to do

  1. Attitude Awareness and Adjustment:
    1. Read the Tao daily, preferably with my partner, sharing our thoughts on the passage of the day.
    2. Go to work with a positive attitude, grateful wherever and whenever possible
    3. Sauna meditation daily
  2. Take care of the body that I have been given:
    1. Physical workout once a week
    2. Maintain a restful and restorative sleep schedule
      8+ hours, with a gentle buffer for falling asleep and waking up
    3. Make time for activities that help
      1. Walking
      2. Acupuncture
      3. Therapy
      4. Yoga Therapy
  3. Play with Vivian
  4. Uphold the house system in place with love and care
    1. Clothing set out each week
    2. Dinner prepared and dishes washed with love and mindfulness.