Thursday, March 17, 2016

Just finished up finalizing and submitting the conference paper. I feel pretty good about it, overall.
It's a beautiful day.
My partner and I went to the gym this morning, and after so long away, I was worried that it would be onerous in the extreme. Training pays off, and while I certainly noticed the workout, it was anything but impossible. Elliptical for ten minutes, walk for .3 miles, row 1m (7 minutes), walk .3 miles, weights [triceps 10@40, biceps 10@25, 10 back extensions, twelve inclined twist situps, 10 glutes@70, 10 prone leg curls@40, one minute plank], walk for .5 miles.
After the gym, we came home and made another strawberry shorcake, and I decided to dice up the berries and put them straight in the dough. It was totally yummy. Harvey and Vivian took them out while I was at a meeting, and they were just right when I came home before heading to the library to work on the paper.
My resting heart rate continues to be in the lower 70s, a good sign if ever there were one that I'm doing the right thing