Saturday, October 14, 2017

Challenge 38: Fall

  • Daily:
    • Sleep Chronic Fatigue makes sleep elusive and fitful. Routine helps, so with that I'm hoping to #Fall back into a routine:
    • Sauna or hot bath 
    • Writing a few pages each day, hopefully finding something that can get worked on well enough to turn in for the submission due on November 1. 
    • Knitting It seems to soothe me. Knitting helps me feel as though I'm not a useless slug even when I can barely do anything physically. It's a bonus that Vivian has started knitting with me and we are enjoying planning a blanket for her bed. She's the absolute best, and I am completely blessed to have her in my life. 
  • Weekly: 
    • Therapy because a week without it would be tragic.
    • Legal Notes and Log Updates The court date isn't until mid-December, but the weirdness has definitely ramped up and there are lots of little things to take care of and note along the way.
    • Editing The classmates' work will need to have three readings between Nov 1 and Nov 8, with written critiques due Nov. 8.  

#Acceptance leads to #patience.
#Patience leads to #balance.
#Balance leads to #harmony.
#Harmony leads to #peace.

This challenge runs from Oct. 22 (I'm usually a week early since I don't believe that there is any such thing as a break) until Nov. 18, 2017