Monday, February 1, 2016

Encouragement matters

My partner's encouragement is the only reason I made it to the gym today. I was so freaking tired. But then, as always, being at the gym was Just Right. Why do I ever fight it?

The number of the day was 12: even the elliptical was twelve minutes. The press were there again today, which is good, but always weirds me out. Rowing took longer than usual - 7 minutes for the kilometre - but I did it.

In the weight room, I added twelve weird arm dip things on the rack that I usually do pull ups on. It was good but wow, hard!

Twelve inclined sit ups with the 8 pound ball, center and each side. A minute plank, with 15 seconds single leg each leg.

An hour of T'ai Chi followed by tea, a garlic bagel with egg, cream cheese, lox and red onion. Again, I probably would have skipped the class if he hadn't walked out the door. I think I owe him a thank you note for carrying my motivation today.

NOW I can go back to sleep if I want to. :)