Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Power of the Gym

I'm so glad my challenge this month is about asking for help and leaning on others - I really am nothing without my support right now.

My attitude was all prickles and vinegar this morning on the way to drop Vivian at school and then on to the gym. Instead of nursing it in silence as I usually would (convinced that what I felt didn't matter because I don't matter), I took a breath and told my partner what is bugging me. The world did not end. We did not argue. We drove quietly, then talked, then drove, then talked about something else.

Apparently I felt the need to announce in my sleep that "There are no car companies in Canada."

We talked like normal people the rest of the way to the gym.

My heart rate was way up for the twelve minutes of the elliptical, but came down during the four tenths mile that we walked after. Then I rowed for twelve minutes (1750 meters) and though about the workout narrative some more, and felt my perspective fall back into place about halfway through. Another six tenths walk to complete the mile, then onto arms and abs. The number of the day was 15, except for the abs work, which was 16 per set. I was flat on the floor today, doing weighted (10 pound) crunches, toe dips, and twists and a one minute plank.

I almost got the eighth pull up in a row, but realized I would be better off doing four with good form.

And then hot tub.
Always the hot tub.