Monday, February 8, 2016

Happy Year of the Fire Monkey

Super tired again this morning, but went to the gym with my partner anyway.

12 minutes on the elliptical, three quarters of a mile walk, then twelve minutes on the rowing machine (1500 meters). Another quarter mile walk before weights, where everything was a set of twelve with 25 pounds except for triceps press (36 reps), chest press (15 pounds), glute extension (40 pounds), and back extension (70 pounds). Abs work with the 8 pound ball included twists and crunches, and leg lifts. Two one minute planks, one before and one after weights.

We walked another half mile before T'ai Chi.
I nearly passed out coming up from a forward fold, so I'm guessing the blood pressure is pretty low right now.

On the upside, my resting heart rate is down to 82, second day in a row.

And now, naptime.