Friday, June 3, 2016

Yoga in the park with the family to start the day. Then, at the gym, I hit a groove, and felt that moment when you know that you mastered a level.
  • Walked and jogged 1.1 miles, pretty equally half and half
  • 32 back extensions
  • 24 inclined sit ups
  •  Skull crushers: 20@7.5l,r
  • Fly: 20@7.5l,r
  • Swimmers press: 20@7.5l,r - noticed some crunchiness in my left shoulder. I'll need to bring that up to my acupuncturist.  
  • Glute curl: 10@10l,r - I havethe shape I want, so this is maintenance, now 
  • Plank 60 seconds
  • 20 minutes sauna meditation