Friday, May 20, 2016

Roaring Run

Early morning yoga at the library park with Harvey and Vivian. I swear i need to get someone to take pictures of this. Then we went on a hike with @Teros and the family -- Vivian was especially cute. We went to see the falls at Roaring Run, which are pretty spectacular. All told, the hike was almost 1.5 miles, and a great first hike for my new boots and new camelback -- I'm tickled to report that both came through excellently. There is a particular hike that I'm planning on taking in the twelve months, and good boots and a pack I can count on are essential.

After the hike, we went to Wildflour Towers, my other favorite restaurant in town, and ate lots, which was just what we all needed, and then naps were taken until Vivian got picked up for visitation. After that, Harvey and I were missing the sauna, so we went to the gym for Date Night, where we walked over a mile, then hit the weights room:
24 twisted inclined sit ups
24 back extensions
3 full extension pull ups
20@5#L&R swimmers press curls
20@5#L&R skull crushers
20@5# windshield wipers weirdness
Then meditation in the sauna and conversation in the hot tub afterward.

And now, at home, we are munching on homemade chicken noodle soup and market-fresh strawberries while the sourdough bakes and we watch another episode of Daredevil.