Thursday, May 19, 2016

Went to Hollins this morning, signed up for a class, formally applied to the Certificate of Advanced Studies program (post masters level), and then went to lunch with Teros at Wildflour Fourth Street, one of my favorite spots in Roanoke. Looked at a house in the neighborhood, then went to the gym with the whole family. Now we are making burgers and Teros and Vivian are coloring and reading. I'm seeing some Daredevil in the future real soon now. I made my steps today, did 48 back extensions, 48 inclined twist situps, 12@10#L&R biceps curls, 12@15#L&R glute curls, a plank, and ten minutes of pilates leg work before hitting the sauna for meditation and the hot tub for general wonderfulness.

Life is good.