Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Plan: Escape the Nazgul

Fitness 1: Ranger Base 6 points total, graded weekly
A: 18/18; B: 15-17/18; C: 12-14; D: 9-11; F: Fewer than 9
Warrior: Weights 3x/week [STR +2]
Scout: Bike 30 minutes 3x/week [STA +2]
Pilates 90 minutes/ week [DEX +2]
Saturday is a rest day

Fitness 2: Going Rogue 3 points total
A: 30/30; B: 25-29; C: 20-24; D: 15-19; F: Fewer than 15
Druid: 5x/week reading of Zen habits [WIS +1], graded weekly
Assassin: Go rock climbing at least once [DEX +1], graded at the end
Monk: Increase maximum plank by holding 5x/week [STR +1], graded weekly

Fitness 3: Diet and Lifestyle 3 points total
Each of these is important, and is graded daily. I will set up a spreadsheet to track the progress on these to help keep me accountable.
Each of these is worth CON +.5
A: 40-42/42; B: 36-39; C: 32-35; D: 28- 31; F: Fewer than 28
No Coffee
No sugar in my tea
Water >64 ounces throughout the day
Cigarettes Fewer than 5 a day
Sleep 7+ hours a night
No television until January 17, and then only Arrow with the boys once a week.

Life: Choose one of these each week 3 points total
Each of these is worth WIS +.5

These aren't particularly difficult, I have just been avoiding them because they are tedious and because paperwork intimidates the hell out of me.
DMV - this might take a whole day, but it needs straightening up. Currently scheduled for January 14-18.
Court Crap - file documentation
Create a battle plan for debts. Post it to the Fellowship, even if you don't post it anywhere else. Honesty is good.
SSN crap: file documentation
Apply for a second job: Deadline January 14
Clean my room (for real, not just the standard creative rearranging)