Saturday, January 30, 2016

2016.01 Wrap Up

Holy cow - it's the last day of the challenge.
That happened fast!

+Gym membership
+Gym integration - went nearly every day. One day missed for a cold and three days missed because it was closed. I am seeing some real definition, so this is definitely the right plan for me.
+I made bagels from scratch
+I did a pull up. Then a couple days later, I did three of them. In a row.
+Old tuition balance cleared
+Registration for Spring term complete

The gym with my partner is my sanity zone. I need it, every day, sometimes twice a day.

I absolutely cannot return to IT.

I need an income, something reliable and within my power to maintain, but the upside is that I don't actually need very much.

Separate from income, I need a job, a sense of purposeful activity.

Graduation is looming large. For most people, graduation is a good thing, even a great thing. Hell, it's the whole point, right? Wrong. For me, the point was being a student, especially at my home university. My undergraduate graduation was nearly the death of me. I've carefully crafted and rearranged my graduate studies over the last several years to be patchwork, specifically to avoid graduation. I love working on papers. I love seminar classes. I love being at Hollins.

Graduating feels like becoming homeless.
It doesn't have to make sense.
May 22 2016 feels as though it should have R.I.P. next to it.