Friday, January 1, 2016

Begin 2016.01

Focus and routine are the name of the game this month.
Challenge: Go to the gym every day.
Let's face it: I know what to do once I'm there. As part of a no-excuses approach, I've joined a gym with an indoor pool as well as a weight room and indoor track, and there's kiddie care for up to two hours every day.

Life: TheOnerousTaskList
Serious work needs to be done on this front. In an effort to simply be accountable, and to recognize progress, I'm inserting the stuff I do, as I do it.

1. Join the gym
2. Move the study downstairs
3. Set up the computer
4. Books and files downstairs
5. Set up daily routine for January
6. Meet with Guardian ad Litem
7. Court with Carol
8. Major tuition payment
9. CV to Rescue Mission
10. Get a new Sponsor
11. Apply to several jobs with the County / City
12. Get accepted to present at the ASPECT Conference
13. Create shared family calendar
14. Tuition balance paid and hold removed.
15. Registration for Spring complete.
16. Applications for financial aid complete.
17. Update of forbearance paperwork for student loans.
18. Update payment plan for ANU.
19. Deliver January payment to ANU.
Life Space List
1. Organize beans and grains
2. Shelf space for beans and grains
3. Shelf space in the nook
4. Build closet shelves
5. Unpack Harvey's books in basement
6. Hang cross, mirror and rosary
7. Untrim and remove Christmas tree