Friday, January 22, 2016

A bit of calm before the storm.

Yesterday evening's swim lessons and gym trip were a welcome but of the day. I upped the elliptical to level 7 for 13 minutes, walked a quarter mile or so, rowed a thousand meters, walked another half mile ish, did 20 inclined sit ups, and then hit the weight machines for my arms.

The number in the weight room was 20 - twenty reps of everything, and by the time I got to the dreaded chest press, my arms were already worn out. The first time I did the machine, I could barely get four reps at the no-weight weight of 15 pounds, and last night I had to rest after a set of 8. I was pretty certain I wasn't going to get to twenty, but while resting after the second set of 8, I realized I only had 4 more to go, so, shaking a bit, and taking my sweet old-lady time of it, I got 4 more.

I felt like such a badass on my way to the hot tub.

This morning, the promised snow arrived before dawn. Itty-bitty flakes have been falling steadily, coating everything and accumulating quite nicely. It's supposed to fall continuously until Sunday morning, and I'm perfectly fine with that.