Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Off schedule and off kilter, but doing it

Last night we were up late, and today's schedule was already thrown for a loop needing to reschedule an afternoon appointment, so the morning trip to the gym got rearranged. The universe must have had a completely different set of plans for us. The evening gym visit resulted in Vivian getting a chance spot in the swim lessons. She had a good time in the kid zone while I did arms in the weight room - ten different machines, with two or three sets on each - and finished with the back extension and glute machine. Yes, after four days in a row, my abs and butt are feeling it.

Some progress has also been done on the Onerous Tasks list last night and today: I have a new sponsor; I met with the guardian ad litem; I went to two new-to-me meetings.

Also, whoever came up with acupuncture was a complete genius.