Monday, January 11, 2016

Monday is legs

Coffee happened last night, but I'm at 85 hours nicotine free. I confess that the last twelve hours have been hellish, and the only real relief finally came at the gym this morning, though a great game of Cards with my supportive partner was the best distraction from the cravings.

The gym this morning saw 15 minutes on the elliptical, then on the weights, I took a page from the Warriors - I loaded the weight up until I could barely move it, then did a set of 8. It effectively broke the craving cycle. I might have to go back in half an hour, but the relief is what is important.

I swam for about a quarter mile against the current in the wave lane of the pool. It took ten minutes and tuckered me out thoroughly. Five minutes in the hot tub and a long shower later, I'm ready for some rest and some more cinnamon tea.

Life note: I couldn't sleep worth a darn, so I wrote. I started the backstory and framework to a novel. I didn't even know I had one in there.