Monday, January 25, 2016


I worked out for over an hour, and started putting a quest narrative to my routine: ten minutes on the elliptical is walking uphill through sand to get to the road where I can walk a half mile to the skiff that I row 500 meters to the island, where I get to take back rowing another 500 meters, walking back down the half mile road to where my Adventure With Weights awaits.

Today was all arms, and I did 20 reps on everything, including the glute and back extension, but upped the triceps to 50. I wasn't bored, but it's time to increase the weight on that machine. Flabby chicken wings will be banished! And I added in a new machine - a prone leg curl. It's a bear!

On the way home, I was hungry hungry hungry.
My partner and I made the bagels and bacon.
I added eggs with Swiss and tomato.
The cream cheese was excellent.

And now a nap before meeting.