Friday, January 29, 2016

Life is good

Went to the gym with my partner this morning - while I was doing just-one-more pull up to make it four in a row (I don't release as far down between pull ups as I would like, yet), a little old lady walked by and said, "Woo. You're strong." It made me smile. Then, while I was doing inclined twisted sit ups (I'm using the 8 pound medicine ball for 16 reps because the 10 pound ball is missing and I can't do the 12 pound ball yet), I saw a bombshell of a woman on the thigh machine with a shirt that read "the only competition I have is who I was yesterday." I wanted to high five her, but we were too busy getting it done.

Ten minutes on the elliptical was murder, and then we walked the quarter mile. Rowing happened at the end of the routine, and those 1000 meters (6.5 minutes) took a lot out of me. I waved at the pool (see what I did there?) on my way to the hot tub.

After a quick shower, we headed home and then I met a friend for lunch. I had a ginormous cheeseburger and fries at an otherwise nice restaurant. The conversation was wonderful.

Life is good.